Freelance Business Day

Events for ambitious freelancers


Being a freelancer is a challenging job. We know it!

Are you one of the 1 million self-employed persons in Belgium?

Then you know about wearing so many hats it gives you a headache. Or running out of time to catch up with marketing and branding. And how about those accounting and legal matters that you keep postponing?

Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

Join us for a series of events dedicated to help you grow, work smarter and stay up to date with with the hottest business topics.

This will be a chance to meet other freelancers like you: consultants, journalists, translators, designers, coaches, web developers and graphic designers!

The events are held in English and usually in Brussels (but if you would like to invite us over to another part of Belgium, let us know!).

Stay in touch via our Facebook page or drop us a note!


Learn from the experts

In April 2018, we held a full day of exciting and useful information about:

marketing and branding (social selling, inbound marketing, brand your freelance business …)

business management (insurance matters, legal contracts, GDPR …)

grow your business (cash flow and budgeting, subsidies …)

Why join the
Freelance Business Day


Learn from other freelancers and experts


Develop your freelance business skills for success


Meet new people and have fun

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