Freelance Business Day

The 14th of April the first edition of Freelance Business Day took place in the BeCentral in Brussels. 

All information under one roof for one day gathering ambitious freelancers and self employed in Belgium. See the speakers and topics we featured below. 


Marketing & branding

How to position your business and personal brand, so you attract the right clients. Showcase your business on social media for success.

Business Management

How to run your business, so you comply with the law and keep your investment safe. Learn about contracts, regulations and insurance.

Grow Your Business

Which resources are there to help you grow your business in Belgium. Who to turn to for growth support and subsidies.

Keynote Speaker

Veerle De Rynck

High Performance Personal Trainer & Personal Coach for extremely driven entrepreneurs

Veerle (Shape&Shake) is a bon vivant, dynamic single mom of 3 and a sports addict. She has been, as all of us, through ups and downs in her life and learned some profound life lessons. She knows how complicated it is to keep going if you try all kinds of things and you do not succeed.

Closing Speaker

Mike Louagie

A freelance cruise & ferry photographer, writer, lecturer and consultant

Mike travels the world working for cruise companies, interior designers, suppliers (plants, ceilings, windows…) and shipping industry businesses. He also writes articles for magazines. See more on his website.

He knows all about the cruise and ferry industry, finding a niche, travelling for a living and of course photography.

Master of Ceremonies

Erik Eklund

A freelance storyteller and edutainer

Erik was born in a land far far away with golden Chiquita bananas and aromatic coffee and adopted to a winter wonderland with a religion called IKEA.

He empowers people to make an impact on the world living their full potential and purpose through speeches, workshops and coaching.

Marketing and branding


Hans van Gent

Hans is a bit of a renaissance man. He works as Head of Digital at live communication agency The Oval Office and he’s running a startup called Inbound Rocket that helps small and medium enterprises get better qualified leads from their websites.

Next to his work in advertising and his startup, he mentors startup founders about customer development and applying lean startup mechanics for branding and marketing.

Recently, he’s been named one of the top 20 Content Marketers to follow by Small Business Trends.

Branding &

Aurélie Peters

Aurélie is a Dutch expat in Belgium and a co-owner of AdGrafics Design Studio. They work with clients like the European Commission and major international companies.

They also help start-ups and entrepreneurs to become bigger with a strong visual identity, website and communication plan.

Before settling in Belgium, she worked in Italy.
She is passionate about branding and building client relationships.

LinkedIn & Social

Jenny Bjorklof

Jenny uses LinkedIn daily as a freelancer, all round marketer, community manager and event organiser.

She thinks networking is the nicest, easiest and cheapest way to sell and get ahead, and LinkedIn is a great tool for that. She uses LinkedIn daily testing different formats and analyses the engagement they get.

Her posts get now thousands of views and she has a 1700+ meaningful connections on LinkedIn.

Copywriting & Social Media

Anouck Meier

Besides her own content for her copywriting agency Ampersand (200+ blog posts and thousands of social media posts in 2017 alone) Anouck also writes copy for major corporations like Coca Cola and BNP Paribas Fortis.

She also coaches and provides trainings and retreats for freelancers and small business owners how to write to sell. And how to manage time with social media marketing.


Isabelle Verhelst

Discover the biggest mistake of service-based entrepreneurs that makes them work too hard and not earn what they're worth. And what to do instead.

Isabelle has a master's degree in applied economics and 20 years of experience in international business.

She is a business coach (Expert Profitability) that helps clients become more profitable in a quick and authentic way.

Grow your business with Facebook

Valentine Helsmoortel

Valentine (Online Success with Valentine) is an autodidact who built her first website at 13 and launched her first blog at 15.

She decided 2 years ago to quit her job to pursue her passion and create her online business.

Business Management

Insurance for Your Independent Business

Sébastien Deruyver

Sébastien is an insurance specialist and has worked several years as a insurance agent in various insurance companies. Now he also works as self employed (Startupverzekering), and he walks his talks because he bought the same insurances he recommends.

How to Securely Do Business

Moana Colaneri

Moana, a partner in the Beyond Law Firm, specializes in both contentious and non-contentious matters in relation to IP, ICT, advertising and media.

Her practice spans the full spectrum of IP services, ranging from initial strategy to trademark prosecution, IP litigation, exploitation and licensing work.

Her areas of expertise include the production and distribution of media content and software as well as doing business on the Internet such as e-commerce, online media and digital marketing. In addition, she assists clients in data protection and privacy matters.

How to Securely Do Business

Marie-Hélène Delouw

Marie-Hélène, a junior associate at Beyond Law Firm, specialises in commercial, IP and corporate law.

After an Erasmus program at Trinity College Dublin, she graduated magna cum laude from the Université Catholique de Louvain. Attracted by the innovative vision of Beyond, she joined the team in the summer of 2016.

Marie-Hélène is a curious and creative person having a strong sense of inventiveness. Being a tenacious lawyer, she is always looking for challenges to tackle.

GDPR - Basic Principles and Practical Application

Ariadne Wils

Ariadne has over 20 years of experience in office management. In 2012 she started her own company, De Draad van Ariadne, to help entrepreneurs with their administration.

A business means a lot of work and Ariadne offers you the possibility to outsource some of the things that need to be done so you can focus on the goals and direction of your business. Ariadne and her team love to take care of your administrational tasks.

Ariadne will give you an example of how to document your processing activities to be in order with GDPR legislation.

GDPR - Basic Principles and Practical Application

Sara Cockx

Sara is head of the labour & employment department at Schoups law firm and also specialises in privacy and data protection.

She relies on almost 15 years of experience in handling employment and social law procedures and advising clients with regard to employment and labour law, social security and HR related matters.

As a certified data protection officer, Sara assists clients in the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Financial Management - Cash Flow

Xavier Corman

After gaining a degree in International Relations from UCL, Xavier Corman wasted no time setting up his first company. In 2008-2009, he completed an Executive Master’s in Finance at Solvay and, from 2009 to 2013, worked as a freelance CFO supporting SME. In 2013, he launched - a quick, secure and efficient solution for companies wanting to improve their cash-flow.

Optimisation of accounts for self-employed

Gabriela Dimitrova

I am an expat in Brussels and co-owner of D&D Group. Our firm works primarily in English and caters for the needs of the expat community in Brussels. The majority of our clients are lawyers, consultants, NGOs, IT specialists, translators, interpreters etc. We provide support to our clients in regards to setting up as an independent, creating their companies or even setting up an NGO. We follow the developments of our clients and advise them in how to better optimise their accounts. Although finances are not the most important thing in life, it is important to always have a clear idea as to where you are and where you are heading.

Grow Your Business

Subsidies & Funding Support

Bart Wyns

As innovation consultant at EY Subsidia Bart is passionate to bring enterprises and funding agencies more closely together.

EY Subsidia provide companies with consulting on technical writing, partnering in research and deepening innovative thinking.

EY Subsidia targets a broad spectrum of funding agencies, both in Flanders as well as various European initiatives, and have strong relations with multiple strategic research centres.

Government Subsidies for Self-Employed

Wim Heyman

Wim works at the De Ondernemersbank – La Banque des Entrepreneurs (part of BNP Paribas Fortis) as the manager of government incentives and will advise on government opportunities for your small business.