Expert Hub – Come and talk to the experts

During the day you can come and talk to the companies that help freelancers. They will be available during the coffee and lunch breaks:

  • 9h30-10h: registration&welcome coffe
  • 11h20-11h50: mid-morning coffee break
  • 13h30-14h30: lunch break
  • 15h10-15h40: afternoon coffee break
  • 17h40-18h30: closing drinks

To make networking easier at the event, we use the Brella app.

Accountable is the financial companion of today’s self-employed workers. By tapping into users’ bank transactions, Accountable provides real-time tax optimisation recommendations and automates a series of tedious administrative tasks for their users (e.g. VAT statements, etc.). With their app, they aim to redefine the banking, accounting & tax advisory experience for freelancers, consultants, architects, M.D, etc.

BEYOND is a business law firm with a focus on corporate law, intellectual property, ICT law, tax law and commercial law. BEYOND is dedicated to innovative and creative companies and their entrepreneurs, especially in the startup sector as well as in the technology, media and digital sectors.

Thanks to its drive and entrepreneurial spirit, BEYOND assists its clients in their strategic decisions establishing strong partnerships. BEYOND challenges its clients continuously providing them a specific point of view looking beyond the mere application of legislations, since there is more to law than laws.

Our firm works primarily in English and caters for the needs of the expat community in Brussels. The majority of our clients are lawyers, consultants, NGOs, IT, specialists, translators, interpreters etc.We provide support to our clients in regards to setting up as an independent, creating their companies or even setting up an NGO. We follow the developments of our clients and advise them in how to better optimise their accounts.

Isabelle Verhelst helps ambitious service based entrepreneurs with expertise and experience, to pack and sell their expertise the right way, so they can earn much more with less hard work. Having a Master in Applied Economics and being Certified as a Client Acquisition Specialist by Digital Marketer, Isabelle gained her practical business & marketing expertise in more than 20 years of international entrepreneurship. Being called a ‘Top Business Coach’ by her clients, she loves to work one-on-one to really connect with her clients and help them to be more profitable fast with ease & authenticity.

Lancr wants to give freelancers the same benefits that fixed employees receive. Get access to various deals on products and services you need in your professional life, like fuel cards, insurances and software. All tailored to a freelancer’s needs.

Tentoo is the partner for all freelancers, whether they have a VAT number or not.
Tentoo offers a full service for both options.

With Tentoo, you can work as a freelancer without having to register as a self-employed individual! In that case, Tentoo assumes all administrative and legal obligations, while you have the guarantee that you will receive your salary quickly, without any risks.

Tentoo also offers a full-service package for a single-trader business. They take care of your administration, so you don’t have to worry about the complexities of being self-employed. All the tasks can be done online, so you can spend your valuable time doing what you really enjoy.

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