The Dream Team

The Team

We, Nina, Elina & Jenny, are like you –  freelancers working in communication, marketing and event management sectors. We struggle to get up-to-date and stay informed about crucial business aspects of being independent in Belgium and noticed that there is a lack of starting and advanced training for freelancers especially in English.

As super-active ladies we decided to do something about it. So now we are organising the Freelance Business Day events for you to become a more successful freelancer and meet like-minded independent business people.


Half Russian, half Lithuanian and some other bits of Finish and Polish roots, Elina is a seasoned expert in the creation of small and large events with more than 100 projects in more than 37 countries under her belt.

Jenny combines entrepreneurship, events & marketing in several functions. She is originally from Finland, has lived in Ireland and now calls Ghent in Belgium her home. She loves connecting people and enabling people to start their own businesses.

Part-time project manager and part-time virtual assistant, Slovenian-born Nina enjoys talking to people, especially expats, and helping them become successful in Belgium. Annoyingly cheerful and creative in the mornings, she named her company Earlynerdy.

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